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Division of Science Education

Characteristics of division

The main research interest of this subgroup is the study of curricular process in science education. One of the main techniques of study of curricular process in science education is application of analytical synthetic, hierarchical, triangular and matrix modelling. We use these types of modelling to make a complex curriculum framework of physics, mathematics, chemistry and statistics.
We have made a curricular system of physics. This was published in several books and in the book serie "Educational and Didactic Communication".
The research interests of this subgroup are divided into three parts:
Physics Education (PE)
Chemistry education (CE)
Mathematics Education (ME)


 Premysl ZaskodnyAssociate Professor, Head of  Division (PE)
 Jitka BrockmeyerProfessor (PE) 
 Pavol Tarabek (in memoriam)Dr., Head of Division (PE) 
 Jana SkrabankovaDr., Research Participant (CE)
 John van DeursenDr., Research Participant (PE) 
 Jan SingerDr., Research Participant (PE, ME) 
 Petr ProchazkaResearch Participant (CE, ME) 
 Paulus HaiduwaResearch Participant (PE)
 Miroslav HudakResearch Participant (ME)
 Jan TarabekResearch Participant (PE) 
 Radka DuskovaResearch Student (PE)