přidáno: 21. 3. 2011 11:48, autor: Petr Prochazka   [ aktualizováno 21. 3. 2011 12:14 ]

The cooperation with Mr. Mohamed Salem Soudani

přidáno: 24. 1. 2011 22:49, autor: Petr Prochazka   [ aktualizováno 24. 1. 2011 22:52 ]

The Curriculum Studies Research Group has accepted the cooperation with Mr. Mohamed Salem Soudani, an education expert in English teaching in Morocco. Mr. Soudani participated and leaded various educational and research projects in Morocco and abroad. He attended many English teacher positions in many schools in Morocco and is also experienced in professional education in private companies. Mr. Soudani will enrich our research group with the research topic “Evaluation of Curricula, Methods and Practices: The Case of English Language Teaching in Morocco”. Mr. Soudani attends the Ph.D. study at university in Marrakech (Morocco).

We are very pleased to introduce him and welcome him in our research group.

New projects of Cognitive Structural Modelling Research Group

přidáno: 13. 11. 2010 11:51, autor: Petr Prochazka

We started new R&D project within the Cognitive Structural Modelling Research Group. This project is focused on application of CSM in risk management and safety engineering. For more details visit our CSMRG website.

Educational and Didactic Communication 2009

přidáno: 14. 3. 2010 10:01, autor: Petr Prochazka   [ aktualizováno 14. 3. 2010 10:05 ]

Educational and Didactic Communication 2009 publication was released. It is available on websites of Educational Publiser Didaktis Ltd. ( It is also available in section Educational and Didactic Communication via this webpages. See more here>>

The global research report was added.

přidáno: 8. 3. 2009 12:23, autor: Petr Prochazka   [ aktualizováno 19. 3. 2009 14:01 ]

The global research report includes "Procedure of the structural textboock creation" for the research period 1.9.2006 - 31.8.2009.

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